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"I love getting massages from John! He is a master, and is especially skilled with athletes. I have had other pleasant massages, but no one has been able to address plaguing injuries like John. I find him to be pleasant, professional and extremely effective."

K. L.


The art form of massage and the science of manual therapy - combined with the understanding of the principles of human anatomy - has been my calling for more than 25 years. I've practiced long enough in this field of work to see a kinetic blur of bodies get better and to witness how Western medicine, through research and feedback from patients, is finally catching up.

Swedish Massage:

Easily the most popular western massage style in the U.S. A Swedish massage is a full-body relaxation. The psychological and physiological symptoms and responses cause anxiety and stress. The slow, deep, gliding pressure over time causes a deep relaxation response from the parasympathetic nervous system, a decrease in stress hormones, and a reduction of pain from release of endorphins (our natural painkiller).

From fight-or-flight to rest-and-digest, it aids in the body's repair phase and absorption of nutrients. Swedish Massage not only feels great, it's good for you!

Clinical/Deep Tissue Massage:

This is a combination of Swedish technique and skilled deep tissue massage used to decrease the symptoms associated with specific dysfunction or injury. This therapuetic approach restores balance to muscles, reducing nervous activities, broadening muscle fibers, flushing toxic irritants out ot nerve receptor sites, and releasing deeper layers of fibrotic tissue; it complements other manual therapy disciplines.

Sports Massage:

One way to greatly improve the quality of life is physical activity and the fun of sports. The modern athletes, those who push themselves through pain with determination and courage, the athlete in all of us, who participate in regular physical activity, can benefit from this technique. Those who regularly use this modality appreciate the improved endurance, injury prevention, and aid in preparing their body and mind for optimal performance. It's this simple: the easier you can do something, the longer you can do it.


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