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"In the mid-80s I was known as the crazy guy who ran further than most folks drove. Today I am still that crazy guy, running ultramarathons (races longer than a marathon's 26.2 miles) and having folks tell me they don't drive that far. I love to run, though it is not easy on the body. And for most of my life I have pushed myself to do what some called impossible. It's not. Training and taking care of oneself are vital. Massage has been essential to help me recover from and continue such activities. From those mid-80s I've put about 100,000 miles on my body, and through it all John Smith has been my body mechanic. The future looks just fine."

Wayne F.

I began my career path by practicing classical Swedish techniques in 1984. I subsequently studied a spectrum of philosophies and practices of natural health care at the California College of the Natural Healing Arts - Heartwood College. These practices included a variety of massage modalities and natural health counseling theories. In 1987, I opened Northcoast Massage Therapy.

I am a state certified massage therapist in California and have been an active professional member of the American Massage Therapy Association since 1987. Because my nature is to always look for a better way and to maintain professional status, I enjoy continuing education classes such as Clinical Sports Massage, Advanced Myofascial Release, and Musculoskeletal Alignment. This career path has led me to many experiences and a lifetime of entertaining stories that remind me of the blessings of living, playing, and serving in our community. I am pleased to have made the effort to be part of the team that brings greater health and performance to Humboldt County.

Northcoast Massage Therapy CAMTC

Certified by California Massage Therapy Council #32404